I'm an amazing helper

I couldn't resist adding these photos of me helping with the deck.  Ignore the white white legs and totally lack of appropriate working attire and just look at the level of concentration in my face.  This tool was really fun to use and super easy too.  (I can't lie though, my abs and hands were sore the next day....I'm soooo out of shape). 

And if you READ MY BLOG EVERY DAY (no, I'm not shouting) and I know you do, you'll remember that Jeff found the screw gun at a garage sale for only 30 bucks!  He wasn't even looking for it...I think it was a God thing :)

Did you notice the demise of our urban garden in this picture?  Its ok, as mentioned in the previous post, Jeff is working on a bigger and better garden, and we are already planning how we can reuse the wood from those guys in some cool art project.  Stay Tuned!

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