Super easy fabric flower tutorial

This weekend I changed up my front door wreath and added these easy fabric flowers for Spring!  I thought I'd show you all how I did it because I have not seen this technique on blogs before.  And it is really super easy.  Its my favorite way to make flowers because nothing has to be exact and you only need a few supplies.

Easy Fabric Flower Tutorial:

Fabric Scraps
Hot glue gun

Step one: Cut a long strip of fabric.  I usually make mine about 3 inches wide and 15-20 inches long.  But you can do whatever size you want.  I thicker strip will make a larger flower, and the length will determine how fukll the flower is.  I like to have different sizes in my arrangement, so I just vary the size of strip I start with.  Notice, my strip isnt even even at all.  I love that it doesnt have to be exact because I cant cut straight to save my life. My piece of fabric was also very wrinkled...it still works!
Step 2: Fold stip in half length wise, and press (with your fingers, not an iron).
Step 3: While it is still folded, cut small stripes down the length of your big strip.  Start on the folded end and dont cut all the way through (go about 3/4 of the way down). 

Step 4: Add a dap of glue to one end and start rolling the strip into itself. 
Step 6: Keep rolling (or I like to wrap, once I get it started), adding glue as you go along to keep it together, until the whole strip is rolled up. 

It should look like this.
And when you flip it over, you have a pretty little flower.
Optional step 7: If you like the look of your flower you can stop here, but if you want it to have a more loose or messy feel to it, then start cutting the "petals" in half.

When you are finished cutting all your petals, it will look like this.

I used straight pins to attach the flowers to my wreath.  You could also use hot glue to attach them as well, but then you wont have an interchangeable wreath like I do :)

FYI- the rest of the wreath was made by wrapping yarn around and around and around a straw wreath I purchased from Joann's.  Then, I cut pieces of fabric about 1-2 inches wide and 4-6 inches long and simply tied them in a knot in the middle (like you are tying your shoe).  I made about 20-30 of those pieces and just layered them on my wreath, adhearing with glue gun.  It creates a nice background for the different flowers I add each season. 

Now go and make yourself a pretty little spring wreath with fabric flowers!

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