Table do over

So once upon a time a certain mother-in-law meticulously spray painted an old table and chairs a fun shade of purple (at my request). I loved my purple furniture, but lately my purple table was living with my yellow chairs and I'm just not that big of a Laker's fan. So my purple table got a make over. She went from vibrant purple to a boring grey, but she looks so much better next to the yellow chairs. Dont you think.  Who doesnt love yellow and grey?

This was her before:

I took advice from one of my favorite bloggers and did my best to paint light even strokes with the spray can. I ended up doing three coats and I think it turned out better than if I tried to cover it all with one heavy pass.

After one coat:
You can still see a lot of purple.

After 2 coats:
Almost completely grey.

And after the final coat, she's lookin good:

I probably could have done one more pass (this girl has a lot of nooks and crannies) but I ran out of spray paint.  I think its good enough.  What do you think, was this a good move?

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