My Mommy Diary: Mommy Brain?

What I'm currently thinking about motherhood...
Photo by Bronson Pate
Is there such a thing as mommy brain? or pregnancy brain for that matter?  I'm naturally a little dizzy and forgetful, so when I was pregnant and did something dumb, my friends would just say "pregnancy brain!" And my behavior was excused.  After Wesley was born, my blonde moments turned into to "mommy brain"...double booking myself, pronouncing Cherokee, cher-ee-o-key (like Karaoke, yeah I did that), forgetting my phone, etc...it was all chalked up to Mommy brain.  Those moments tended to happen much more often than they did before I had Wesley, which left me wondering what was going on, did/do I really have this "mommy brain" disease? I think I have actually figured it out.  It's not any kind of organic chemical change in your brain making you dumber, its just that you have to think about a million other things and there just isn't room in your brain for those less important details, you know like remembering to put on makeup.  Now we have to remember if we packed diapers, wipes, pacifier, bottle, snacks, change of clothes, extra pacifier, what time he ate, how long he slept, when will he need a nap, do we have blankets, do we have a pacifier? oh the life saving pacifier.  And don't even get me started on the amount of things you have to remember for a weekend out of town.  I almost always forget something.  One time, we went to Disneyland and forgot to bring diapers! diapers!

See the picture above?  That was Easter Sunday and luckily someone at church snapped this picture of us as we were leaving.  Luckily, because that is the only family picture of us on Wesley's first Easter.  Unluckily, I totally forgot to put makeup on that morning!  I made sure we all had Easter outfits on and looked just right for church, but I couldn't remember makeup!  I mean, I wore heels, and I never wear heels, and it really doesn't look right to wear heels and not wear makeup. So this picture in its professional glory, is not my favorite.  I just keep looking at my face and wishing I had makeup on.  But I am so glad I have this picture to remember Wesley's first Easter, and I'll also remember that He fell asleep in my arms immediately after we took this picture as we walked to the car.

So I may have mommy brain, I may do dumb things, and I'll forget A LOT of things, but its all worth it. Because my brain is full of all things Wesley and Wesley is my life and he makes life amazing.  Are you infected with mommy brain?  What's the funniest thing you did because you were busy thinking about what your kid needed?

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