Pinned It, Did It: String Art

String art is all the rage right now.  I pinned this image a while back from another Pinterester and just knew that i wanted to jump on the string art bandwagon and make myself something. 

Just move that little heart up a bit and it would be perfect!  I <3 Texas.

So i searched further into the depths of Pinterest and found these images. Some a little more ambitious than others.
string art
DIY string heart art

Then I stopped at this one and did my best to make my own version of it.  
string art | love

This is what I came up with.

I started with a scrap piece of wood I found in our backyard from one of Jeff's projects. Then I painted it with a thin coat of this peachy paint I had been wanting to incorporate into our living room. 

Next, I printed out the word LOVE.  I don't have any cool fonts so I settled on this one. Cant even remember what its called.

Next, I taped my paper to the wood and began hammering little nails about half way into the wood.  

After I (err Jeff) finished hammering all the nails in, I ripped off the paper and was left with this.  (Don't pay attention to the blue string, it was my trial run.)

Then I got busy wrapping and wrapping and wrapping string around the nails until I thought it looked good.  By the way, I used regular old sewing thread for this project and doubled it up.  I think it turned out okay.  If I had done it bigger, I would have probably wanted to use a thicker string, but I just used what I had on hand.

This is really a project that anyone can do.  It doesn't have to be exact to look good, trust me, mine is not exact at all.  ANd um I think it looks good :)

Happy Crafting Friends!

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