More of our finds

Here are the rest of our garage sale-ing finds.  Jeff is working in Mexico all week, so no projects going on at home :(

Here is an old card table that Jeff found.  It has a leather top and is solid wood. 
Jeff also scored this big butcher block cutting board for $3.  It was in mint condition, the stains are from our use :)
Jeff also grabbed this deck screw gun for $35.  Hopefully this means he will start building the deck for our backyard that we've been dreaming about.
Jeff also got this storage locker for $10.  Not sure what to do with it yet.
And finally, I grabbed this unique desk chair for a whomping 2 bucks!  Turns out, that its a pretty popular post-modern office chair by Shaw-Walker and could go for big bucks.  We'll see if we decide to sell or renew!

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