Look What We Wore 4.14.12

So I'm adding a new weekly "what we wore" post, I know its cheesy, and we don't even dress that cool, but its fun.  At least for me.  It also forces me to wear something other than leggings on the weekend (although I'm sure they'll still make their appearance) and put on makeup.  I also love that it gives us some fun family pictures.

So enjoy, or ignore, if you think its dumb. (At the very least you can make fun of Jeff...he thought this was dumb too)  Oh! I'm also linking up (my first Link up) to Harper's Happenings blog as part of their Stepping Out Saturday.  See other people do this.

This Saturday, we actually had places to go.  We went to a birthday party for one of Wesley's friends from church, Isaac, who turned one.  Then we went to a goodbye fiesta for our good friends Andrew and Joanna who are moving back to the East Coast.

I wore....jeans from Levi's Store (my first pair of skinny jeans ever from 2005), tank from H&M, Sweatshirt c/o Cheese Cave, my bffs shop, fake leather jacket, Xhilaration from Target, scarf from Old Navy, shoes, Chuck Taylors. 

I used to think skinny jeans made me look fat, now I think non-skinny jeans make me look fat.  Funny how styles change, huh. I used to never wear chucks with skinnies either.

Wes wore undershirt Carters, hand-me-down, T-shirt, granimals, Wal-Mart, jeans, H&M, shoes Wal-Mart.

It's impossible to get a nearly 10 month old to take a good picture.

you have to do things like hang him up side down.

Jeff wore...jacket RocaWear from Marshalls, jeans, Levi's from Marshalls, shoes, Chuck Taylors, Hat from Nordstrom Rack.  PS. Don't tell him I told you, but Jeff loves to shop and finds his own bargains.  I gave him that hat for Christmas though, don't you think he looks dapper in it?

Yay, for a nice family picture!  Oh, and isnt it funny how Jeff and I dressed so similar?  We do that all the time and then go "I got dressed first!" "No, I did!" Sometimes one of us will change if its too similar.  Haha, now you know one of our secrets :)


  1. Happy Sunday! Visiting from Harper's Happenings' Steppin' Out. :)


  2. i love to read any post that allows you to use the word "dapper". =)

  3. What a beautiful post!! These photos so perfectly describe life with a little one:)

    1. Thanks for your sweet comment Olivia! and thanks for stopping by.

  4. outfit posts can be so awkward to post, right?! but they are so fun to look at! You have an adorable little family.


  5. love this idea . you guys look so cute. can't wait to see more !