Master Bathroom Reveal!

So Jeff finished (99% finished) the bathroom quite a while back, but we never got to adding all the finishing touches.  I was waiting until it was 100% done before taking pictures, but then I realized that we will never get there, so here is our 99% complete bathroom.

I think it turned out great, and the best part is that we now have a second bathroom!!! 
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28 weeks!

I finally got around to taking some pregnancy pics and for some reason, they are all out of focus!  But you get the idea.  I'm getting big!


The best little ring bearer

A couple weekends ago, Wesley got to the ring bearer for his Uncle Mark's wedding.  I've been slacking on posting pictures of our new bathroom (which is 98 % done) and some other crafty projects I've been working on, but I hope these cute pictures of Wesley will hold you over.

Here we are with Wesley's cousin flower girl Violet just before the ceremony.

Fueling up with some happy juice (aka milk) to get the crankies out.

Waiting his turn to walk down the aisle.  It was the longest aisle ever and as soon as Wesley saw the people he froze!  I got him to take a few steps on his own, but daddy had to come rescue him.  Wes kept his cool though.

Once Wesley made it down the looong aisle (with daddy's help).  He was all smiles. 

A few shots of the beautiful couple.

Posing on the rocks after the ceremony.

With his Papa Dan

Here we are sleepy and exhausted from dancing the night away.


Wesley's First Haircut

We finally broke down and cut Wesley's hair for the first time this last weekend.  He had a big job as his uncle's ring bearer and his hair was getting a little out of control.  Wesley did really well, didn't freak out at all.  Unlike me, I was freaked out the whole time.

Doesn't he look like such a big boy!  I miss his little curls, but the new haircut is growing on me.