A trip to home depot

Yay! Jeff is going to build us a deck. I so excited. It's going to be awesome. A 16x24 deck that will allow us to utilize an otherwise useless area in our backyard. Jeff started this weekend by taking us to home depot and purchasing supplies for the frame. Wesley had a great time at the depot and Jeff was successful in getting lots of lumber.  Jeff is just in the beginning stages of this project but promised he'd finish it this weekend.  I am so excited, did I already say that?  So excited! It will be perfect for all the parties we have planned this summer!

But first, take a moment to oooo and ahhhh over the cutest picture ever of my Wesley boy.   Ooooooo Ahhhhh 

Ok, and now for the beginnings of an amazing deck.
This is actually just the lumber for half of the frame.  Jeff will be making several trips to home depot this weekend for the rest of the supplies.
This is what he accomplished last weekend.  Very early stages people.  Hopefully we all will be impressed when we see it next week.

Instead of doing major demolition, Jeff decided to just build the deck over the existing raised area. 

The finished project will look somewhat like this little drawing Jeff dreamed up in 2011.  He plans to build raised garden planters on either side of the deck to frame it in.

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  1. this looks amazing ! cannot wait to see the outcome : )
    ps. wes is killing me in these pictures. he is so cute