Look What Jeff Built: Pallet Coffee Table

This spring weather and longer days has really got Jeff itching to do more projects.  He was on fire this weekend building and making new things.  I love when that happens.  Saturday night he started on this gem: 

A Pallet Coffee Table 

This is how he did it:
He started with two pallets.  
He took the boards (the ones you see in the pic above) off of one pallet and nailed them back on the other pallet (into the gaps).  
He then cut a 4x4 post into six 5 inch tall sections.  
He then stacked the pallets with the 4x4s in between like so:
He attached the 4x4s to the pallets by toenailing the screws 
Lastly he attached casters to the bottom pallet, so that we can roll it around. 
I love how it turned out!  It's going to live on our new deck. 
fyi- Jeff painted the bottom portion gray because part of it was this green color. 

I can't wait to share with you the rest of what Jeff did this weekend!

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