More of our finds

Here are the rest of our garage sale-ing finds.  Jeff is working in Mexico all week, so no projects going on at home :(

Here is an old card table that Jeff found.  It has a leather top and is solid wood. 
Jeff also scored this big butcher block cutting board for $3.  It was in mint condition, the stains are from our use :)
Jeff also grabbed this deck screw gun for $35.  Hopefully this means he will start building the deck for our backyard that we've been dreaming about.
Jeff also got this storage locker for $10.  Not sure what to do with it yet.
And finally, I grabbed this unique desk chair for a whomping 2 bucks!  Turns out, that its a pretty popular post-modern office chair by Shaw-Walker and could go for big bucks.  We'll see if we decide to sell or renew!


9 months old!

9 months old...how time flies. 
Wesley is 23 pounds 14 ounces
28 1/2 inches long
2 teeth, one on top, one below
crawling all over
pulls up to stand
cruises around furniture
gives high fives
uses his pointer finger
eating lots of puffs, cereal, green beans, and the occasional french fry
Still grubbing on daddy's homemade purees
Loves his Cars walker
loves to talk
loves to stare at strangers
loves playing with other children
loves to play with Nukie
banging on everything
loves to read his books, can turn the page himself!
hates to have his diaper changed
loves bathtime
hates sleeptime
loves to wake up in the middle of the night
super happy boy
love of my life

Here is a funny video of Wesley crying when Nukie howled. Normally Wesley doesnt even flinch when Nukie barks or growls at him (which happens regularly ever since Wesley has invaded Nukie's space), so I did not expect this reaction from him.  Dont worry, he was not emotionally scarred.  I picked him up right after the video cuts out and he was fine.  In 1 minute he was crawling all over Nukie again.


Jeffs latest project

With daylight savings time finally here, Jeff has a few more hours to work on projects! All week he's been in project mode as soon as he gets home from work. This is what he accomplished this week. With the ultimate goal of having a nice functional backyard, Jeff painted the brick wall in the back and added lattice to the top for additional privacy. It looks so much better, but since Jeff gets home before me and never warns me about what he's gonna do, I don't have a good before picture to show you. So just trust me, it's better.


Garage sale finds

Jeff and I both had the grand idea to go garage sale-ing this weekend, and it was epic! Here is a sneak peak of some our finds.

A vintage Samsonite suitcase from the 1940s.
A couple scarfs.
A fishing boat for Wesley.
Some classic Dr. Seuss books. 
and more!!!


St. Pattys Day Decor

Not the greatest pictures, but I wanted to show off my fun decor for St. Patty's day. 
First I made mini bunting to drape across our faux fireplace.  I just cut triangles out of scrapbooking paper and strung it along some jute string (from home depot).
Next I framed a pice of the same scrapbooking paper and cut out the words "Kiss Me" with my cricut. Lvoe that thing.
Really bad pciture, but next I used the cricut to cut out "Happy St. Patty's Day" using the "blocked" feature and stung the letters up on jute string.
Finally, I changed the felt roses out from my front door wreath. I just used a push pin to secure the roses, so I can change them out for every holiday.  The "A" was cut out by jeff using a jigsaw.  He found a font and size he liked on the computer, printed it out, taped it to a pice of particle board, and cut it out. 


Face lift part 2

Here are some pictures of the new planter Jeff installed Sunday afternoon. He literally put this together in 3 hours. The bricks are from Lowes.