"Sub"Urban Garden

Jeff has long been in like with the urban garden trend. We first spotted them at the county fair a few years ago and ever since Jeff has wanted to make some of his own. Welp, he finally did it. He reused lumber from one of our many sheds (I'll discuss that another day)...the one he tore down by himself on a whim. And this is the beautiful result.. IMG_9822 IMG_9821 IMG_9825 Nothing fancy, he didn't even paint or stain the wood, he's much too impatient for that, but I think they look great. The best part is that they are totally functional. He went to Home Depot and picked up whatever plants were the cheapest and available: Bell Peppers, Basil, IMG_9830 and a few kinds of Summer Squash. IMG_9827 We were so surprised at how well the crops actually grew! Who knew squash plants grew so big! He definitely planted too many in there, but we still enjoyed the splendor. IMG_9819 When we came home from vacation, we were surprised to see that we already had some zucchini ready to eat.
 IMG_9656 IMG_9653

 I dubbed this our suburban garden because we definitely live in the suburbs and have plenty of room to to grow vegetables directly in the ground, but this concept looks so much better and keeps dog poop out of our future eats. They taste so much better that way :)

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