Dont you just love a good belly laugh

Especially when it comes form one adorable 8 month old baby.  Check out this great video of Wesley playing with the best dad...the one who was up at 5am with a fussy/sick baby who could fall back asleep. 


The beach

We feel so lucky that we live so close to the beach. We love the beach, and Nukie really loves it to.


Jeff plays

He hit it out of the park last night at his softball game, really he did. He went 5 for 5 with 2 home runs. Wesley was so proud.


What Nukie did

Nukie has been a little crazy jealous these days. This weekend we left him home for 2 hours and he managed to eat an entire box of thin mints! Plus he pulled our 20 pound cast iron skillet off the stove so he could lick it clean. In Jeff's words, "I'm not even mad, I'm impressed." or was that Ron Burgandy.


A perfect president's day

We started out the morning playing in the living room.

Then ventured out for breakfast at Konos with an ocean view.

Then hit up the park where Wesley had a blast.

And spent the rest of the afternoon working on the house.
Jeff finished off his weekend project of installing hand-me down ceiling fans on the backyard patio cover. It required a lot more electrical work than he expected, but hopefully it will pay off this summer.
He also started preparing the front of our house for a new paint job. Wesley loved to watch his daddy work.

And I planted some new plants in our raised planters. All in all it was a great day

Here is a great video of Wesley on the swing:


Faux fireplace

Remember when I made Jeff build me a faux fireplace for Christmas and then I never posted pictures of the finished project? Well here it is all decked out for Valentine's day. Needless to say, I've really been enjoying it.


8 months old!

My big boy is 8 months old. I can't even believe it.
He is crawling like a champ
Loves to stand up
Non stop playing
Talking up a storm (dadada)
Terrorizing Nukie
Eating gourmet purées (made by Jeff) and puffy snacks
Still no teeth!
Holding his own bottle
Chewing on everything
Drooling monster
Happy boy
Big flirt
A whopping 23.5 pounds
Mama's boy


My crawling monster

This kid is a master crawler now. Too fast for my camera, and the video is not his best work either. He gets a little distracted...and Nukie wouldnt get out of the way...and Nukie kinda hates him right now.


Happy valentines day!

Jeff drew a nice little art piece on our chalkboard for this valentine's season. He's also been gifting me something special everyday since feb 1st. My new iPhone was gift number 10. Isn't he the greatest?