My Mommy Diary: 4.29.12

What I'm currently thinking about motherhood...

I want to start by saying that I have a wonderful mom. Did you know she drives over 200 miles every week to watch Wesley for us?  But I'm not even talking about that.  She was the kind of mom that just loved her kids like crazy.  And when I say crazy, I mean she was a little coo coo over us.  She thought we were the greatest kids in the world (and probably still does) and believed that we could do anything.  My brothers and I all played sports growing up and she sincerely believed we were the best players on the team.  She believed we could play in college (3 of us did) and even go pro (none of us did, although she still has hope for one of us *cough Jordan*).  Sometimes, we (I) felt a little embarrassed by her over confidence in us and even a little annoyed by her persistence.  But now as a mother, I totally get it. I look at my Wesley and just think how perfect he is.  I mean, he really is the cutest kid in the universe, right. And he can do anything and he will be the best at it.  Haha, I am totally my mother.  The funny thing is that I already catch myself comparing him to his other little friends.  And if they are more advanced developmentally, I'm like, well Wes is more social.  Or if they are cuter or a better sleeper, I think, well Wesley is more athletic. It's crazy! But I suppose its only natural.  What kind of mother would I be if I didn't think my kid was the cutest, greatest, and overall best kid in the world? So to all you other mothers out there, just know that I am constantly comparing our kids and will always find a reason why my kid is better than yours.  He just is, because he's mine.   You understand, right?

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