Extended Front Porch

Back in December I told you about Jeff working on a front porch/patio, but I never posted any pictures.  Well here you go.  He has actually done some more finishing work on it since and it has turned out to be a really great place for us to relax.  We are blessed with a huge front yard and this patio helps us utilize it more.  

Some before pics

mixing up cement.  apparently, this mixer thing rented from the home depot was essential.

and he's off... no turning back now.

He's got skill...from many years laying slabs in Mexico.

About half way done.

that's right, thanks Brent and Eric, he couldn't have done it without you guys.

almost done!

Lookin good/exhausted.

finally done.  only took them about 8 hours.

and 80 bags of concrete.

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  1. OK, you have to put a picture of Jeff posing for the camera next to Bob the Builder. Too much spittin' image right there. OH, and all your other pix and the video of Wes laughing are all soooooo great. Hugs to you! Keep enjoying life!