Planting crops

Last night we made a little family trip to Home Depot to pick up dirt and a few crops for our new raised garden planters.  The planters are so big that we ended up buying 20 bags of garden soil.  Before he filled them up, Jeff built a false bottom in the platers that was about 10 inches off the ground so that it would take less dirt to fill them.  He then lined the sides and bottom with 6mm all purpose plastic to protect the wood.

Here's 15 of the 20 bags.  Jeff had bought 5 earlier to see how much he would need.  I totally doubted that he could fit 15 bags on that cart.  Jeff is surprised that I still ever doubt him.

Here are the crops we got: carrot seeds, yellow bell pepper, zuchini squash, crockneck squash, watermelon, and some herbs: mint, cilantro, adn basil.  The watermelon and herbs arent actually going into these planters.  We have other plans for them that I'll share later.  We were at Lowes the other day and felt they had more variety, so we are going to check out their supply later and possible get some more veggies.

Wesley was a great helper.
Here are the planters all filled up with dirt.  See the plastic peeking through on the sides?

By the time Jeff finshed it was dark outside, so I will show pictures of the final reveal next week when we have the entire deck area completed.

Any suggestions on plants to get?  We are no experts in gardening so any tips you have for us would be great!

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