A little Sail Boat for Wesley

Jeff loves to fish and dreams of one day having his own boat.  So, when a co-worker was giving away an old little skiff, Jeff couldn't resist. It took him a while to come to the realization that this boat may not be sea worthy (at least not for him....actually still not sure he has given up the dream), so he decided to fix it up as a little Play-sail boat for Wes.   

This is what it looked like before.  We decided to leave the outside as is, you know, to give it a worn and rustic feel (or because we are lazy). But Jeff resinished the inside (sanded and painted) and gave the boat a new sail (made from two dowels; one big, one small, and an garage sale sheet). 

I think Wesley is going to have a ton of fun in it one day!


  1. love your blog, jessika!! and little wesley is too cute for words :) hope you're doing great!

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