My Mommy Diary: Sick Baby

We are so blessed to have a healthy and strong baby boy.  I wish I could say he never gets sick, but I swear the kid's had a cold since he was 3 months old.  But if you didn't see the snot rolling down his face, you would never believe he was sick.  He just kept going, was happy, played, eat well, slept well...just kidding about that last one, he has never slept well.  But the other ones are true.  He was a good sick baby.  Even when we had a little scare because he was wheezing and had to give him treatments from a nebulizer, he was so tough.  But today was different.  Today, when he woke up, he didn't want to play with his toys (what?).  He didn't want to eat, wasn't that excited about his bottle and just wanted me to hold him.  He sat on my lap for 30 minutes as we watched cartoons this morning (and if you know him, you know that is very rare).  Too be honest, I was loving it.  He never wants to cuddle with mommy longer than 30 seconds, so 30 minutes was heavenly.  At that point, I just thought he didn't get enough sleep and so I put him down for an early morning nap, he woke up 30 minutes latter screaming.  I think that was when I realized he probably wasn't feeling well.  So we cuddled a little more, I carried him around everywhere, took his temperature (normal), gave him some tylonel anyway, and put him down for another long nap.  When he woke up, he perked up a little.  We went next door for a small Cinco de Mayo party and he did fine.  Then we took him to Jeff's soccer game.  He did fine there too, but then he fell asleep in my arms even with all the ruckus of the game and crowd.  Another clue that he really wasn't feeling well. But this is my tough boy, so surly he can handle another event.  A second Cinco de Mayo party was next and I was starting to feel like the worst mom ever for dragging around my sick kid.  Now he was really clingy and I noticed that he felt hot, so I took his temperature again and... 102! What?!? 102? My poor baby! I AM the worst mother ever! I gave him some more medicine and held him until it kicked in.  We didn't leave the party because he fooled me again by perking up and having a good time.  We didn't stay too late, but the car ride home was rough.  And our normally good, happy, easy going baby was wreck.  It was/is so heart breaking.  And even though I love the cuddle moments, having a sick baby is so hard.  It just tares at your heart.  I am so happy that we have been blessed with a healthy baby for the most part and my heart goes out to the parents dealing with chronically sick children.  It must be so hard!  Anyway, lesson learned today.  We are staying home when he is sick.  My poor baby. :(

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