11 months old and WALKING!!!

That's right, my baby boy is walking!!!  He had been taking a couple steps here and there and then five or six steps when he felt like it, but this week, he really got the hang of it.  I am so proud and I can't believe he is big enough to do that already.  Where did my baby go?

My dear Wesley, at 11 months you are enjoying your new skill of walking, eating whatever you want (usually a banana, pizza, or veggie sticks), finally liking your sippy cup, loving your new sandbox and being in or around water, still waking up at night (although one night you gave us 9 straight glorious hours of sleep), flirting with strangers, chewing on everything (are you getting new teeth? still with 6 right now), enamored with your daddy (especially if he's building), playing intensely and intently, saying mama and dada, and exhibiting super strength.  Mommy and daddy love you so much!


  1. So sweet! Don't you love the excitement and laughing as they learn to walk. The craziness is about to begin! I am chasing Sammy everywhere and it is so much work. But I guess even more so cause I have two. Love all your blogging!

  2. Thanks Julie. Yeah, now I know why everyone cautioned me about wanting him to walk!