Deck Progress: What We Planted

The deck is pretty much done, yay!  Jeff is so excited.  We just need to put sand in the sandbox and build a cover for it.  Last week, Jeff planted some yummy plants in the deck planters.  Here is the run down:

And Jeff put the herbs he bought in this fun little table he built a while back.

Here is the {almost} finished deck


  1. wow. i cannot believe this ! AMAZING ! what a great job !!! love it !

  2. You are all set for a great summer! I love your "herb table". It makes me so mad how expensive it is to buy fresh herbs, what a great way to grow your own.


  3. Hi jessika.....its Paula Fraijo; Laraine's mom; I love your deck and table that Jeff bulit. Its amazing and beautiful...I would love something like this. I am sure you guys will have some awesome parties on it.

    Your son is so adorable!!

    Love reading your blog....

    Take care,