How jeff came home

Jeff usually gets home from work before I do, so when his truck was no where in sight when I got home, I knew he was up to something.  Not long after, I hear his truck pull in and am greeted by this lovely sight.

Don't be distracted by the mustache, look at the filth on his nice shirt.
Then I see that his truck is filled up with...err...stuff?
Turns out that Jeff bought this stuff {shelving units} from a post on craigslist for 50 buckaroos.  To me, it looks like an expensive pile of junk, but Jeff swears that its the shelving unit he's been looing for to transform our mess of a garage. 
He'll put them on this wall.

And fill them with this junk, I mean, stuff.

I think the sweetest part of the deal was that the guy threw in this stationary belt sander for free because he was so relieved that some one was hauling away his no longer needed shelving.

Jeff worked on this project all evening, so hopefully we will have some after photos soon!

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