Jess does too!

Look what I made for my mother in law for mother's day!


I started with a straw wreath from Joann's and wrapped it in some yarn I had on hand. That part took me about an hour! Im learning that patience is a key ingredient to crafting. Luckily, I could wrap while watching me some Law & Order re-runs (im kind of addicted to crime shows). Next I took some fabric scraps I have collected over the years and started making my flowers. I was actually inspired by this wreath from jones design company:

She made her's with sheet music and rolled paper flowers (which I am now addicted to making). Im planning on covering my little house with paper flowers soon. They are super easy and look really cool. Ms. Jones gave an nice tutorial on how to make them here.

But since I had no sheet music on hand and I did have a sheet music fabric from a previous project for my mother in law (did I mention she's a music minister), I decided to improvise.

I used another flower making technique from Ms. Jones found here to make the larger flowers on the outsides. She calls them gathered flowers and even has a free downlaodable (is that a word?) template that I used to create the flowers. This is also super easy to do, although I found it a little too time-consuming for me (I think I was about 3 Law & Order episodes in by now).

So, for the rest of the flowers, I used my own technique, which I will do my best to explain.
(Up to the date...I now have a full blown tutorial for these flowers here: Super Easy Fabric Flower)

1. First I cut strips of my fabric about 2-3 inches wide. And to achieve the frayed look, I ripped the fabric instead of using scissors.

2. Then I folded the fabric in half length wise, so I ended up with long strips that were about 1-1.5 inches wide.

3. Next I cut slits about 1 cm in width across the entire strip. The slits were cut from the the unfolded edge of the strip down to the folded edge without cutting through the fabric. I did my best to show that in this picture:

4. Next, I rolled the strips using hot glue on the folded edge to secure, leaving the the slits open at the top.

5. Fianlly I hot glued them to my yarn wrapped wreath and used another strip of fabric to hang the wreath up.

I think it turned out pretty cool.


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