Seeing Stripes

When I first searched the web for nursery inspiration, I was especially inspired by these posts from Nursery Notations...an awesome website for nursery ideas. These pictures is particular stood out to me:

So Jeff and I turned my inspiration into this:










That last picture is to show you how not perfect the stripes are! Here's how it went down...

Jeff got me started by taping out one wall of stripes. He has kind of an artist brain, so he just eye balled it. When I came in, I added a few more stripes to his stripes to create "my vision." Then I went all the way are the room with a laser level and tape. Notice in picture #2 how taping stripes is sooo fun.

Then Jeff came back in and painted the stripes, being careful not to paint the strip that I wanted to leave gray (notice the little slashes on that line). And then we both striped off the tape before the paint had completely dried.

What we could have done, to make the lines a bit more pristine (again see the last picture), is painted the stripes with the gray wall color first, allow to dry, and then paint white. That way, the gray paint seeps behind the tape creating a barrier for the white paint. But we are too impatient/lazy and the project was already tedious. So eventually, Jeff went in with gray paint and touched up the especially bad areas (like the last picture).

We think it turned out great! Do you like?

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