The other day I came across this awesome clock project and asked Jeff if he could make me one for the baby's room. Always eager for a new project (and I'm pretty sure he thinks its as cool as I do), he happily err lovingly obliged.


The clock that Curbly made was a bit small for my liking (bigger is better with such an awesome piece), so I asked jeff if he could make it bigger (as he was half way through cutting the smaller version...oops!). The small version is totally fine, but I figured that if it would take the same amount of time (well if he hadn't already started), it would be way better to make this piece a feature in the room instead of something that might get lost with all the other accesories.

So he sarted over, using a projector this time to project the image from the template that Curbly provides, onto a piece of board (we dont know what its called) that he had on hand (from making floating book shelves in the nursery). He then ued his jigsaw to cut it out, sanded the edges, and installed a clock set he scored for free from his dad (no shame, this one). Then he used some cardboard-esq type of material for the hands and just hot glued it to the hands from the clock set. Then he painted it green to match the nursery. I love it! Thanks Curbly for the awesome idea and great tutorial!


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