What Jeff did Tuesday

Jeff has actually been really busy with projects around the house, I just haven't gotten to taking pictures/downloading them from the camera...so more fun projects are coming, but for today I leave you with a peak into the man who is my wonderful husband. (Jeff don't read this one, you'll be totally embarrassed)

On Tuesday

He went fishing

Went to work (they had a celebration day at the beach, nice)

Brought me a frozen yogurt treat at work (a total surprise)

Attended a high school baseball game (for one of the kids he mentors)

Went with me to a "Getting Ready for Baby" class

Indulged a short trip to Target to register for more baby stuff

I love this man.

picture sources: beach, yogurt, baby, target

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  1. Love all you are doing to your house and especially the nursery Jeff & Jessika! Love Aunt Deb xx