Project Bathroom

One of the projects we wanted to complete before the baby arrives is to tile the shower surround in our bathroom. We only have one bathroom in our tiny house, so my thinking is it would be better to have it inoperable pre-baby. So this weekend, Jeff has decided to tackle project bathroom. When we moved in to our lovely little home, the bathroom along with everything else was pretty discusting. Here are some before pictures with the previous tenants' stuff:

And this is me trying to clean the gross bathroom after we bought the place. Notice the broken drawer, awesome lamenant floors and the "marble" shower surround. More on the beautiful "marble" later and why we're tearing it down.

Here was our first attempt and a remodel. Basically just added paint to the walls, a cute shower curtain (to hide the "marble")and other accessories.

But then we realized that the paint color was a little too bright (really gave you a nice wake up call in the morning), and we could do more on our budget to spruce the place up, so this is what it looks like now.

When you visit our home, this is what you see. Not bad right? We painted the exisisting vanity and built-ins and that really helped it look a lot nicer. We also covered the lamanant floors with more modern looking lamenant tiles :). My aunt and uncle gifted us the beautiful large mirror. I made a simple window covering using this idea from the blog Making it Lovely. Then we hung a crisp white curtain from the ceiling to the floor to hide our shower. yep, hide it. The curtains are the same ones from ikea that we bought for our outdoor space, but it white.

Because this is what it looks like without the curtains. Warning these pictures are a little disturbing!

Still gross! Please dont judge us. And I just cant see myself bathing a child in that tub, so the project begins. Jeff plans to reglaze the tub and replace the "marble" surround with white subway tiles going all the way up to the ceiling. I can't wait. More details to come!


  1. Great Job on the bathroom!!! The house that we are looking at is going to need a bathroom make over also... I have been watching videos on how to re-tile on youtube, but I might have to give you a call for some advice and ask you some questions!!!

    How much did that run you and did you re use the backer board?

    I was thinking about $500 for our re-tile, is that realistic?

    Hit me up or we can talk on Sunday...

    Pat Nguyen

  2. Hi Pat!
    I believe Jeff was able to spend less than $500 on the tile, backer board (had to buy backer board because there was none underneath!) and new fixtures. The tiles we chose were 25 cents each at home depot and we had the accent tile left over from our kitchen. I think you can totally do it for $500 and please give Jeff a call when you are thinking of starting because he would love to help. And having help was a great thing for us. Good Luck!