Nursery Projects!

So, Jeff and I have been so busy these day it seems we aren't getting home till after 9pm (hence all the dark pictures), which doesnt give Jeff much time for all his doings. However, I'm 7.5 months pregnant and kind of going a little crazy with nursery projects, even if I have to stay up late (I think they call it "nesting"?)

Here is what I've done lately...

Sewed my very own crib sheet using this EASY tutorial from MADE.

I started with a set of double sheets that I found in a modern, understated print (no monkeys or frogs for this gal). I looked so long for the perfect fabric and found that you have more options if you expanded your search to department stores' home sections (sheets and curtains mainly), rather than sticking to the two fabric stores you have in town. I wanna say it will likely be cheaper too (especially if you can score a set at marshall's, ross, or home goods). The sheets I used for my crib sheet came from Target and cost about $40 for a fitted and flat sheet and two pillow cases, thats a lot of yardage. I plan to make at least a second sheet and also a changing pad cover out of the same fabric. Oh yeah, and I already made two nursing covers with the same fabric too. Point: I'm getting a lot for my money. Another bonus to buying sheets for this project is that I used the elastic from the fitted sheet for my new crib sheet (this took a lot of thread ripping and time, but it was worth it to me). Another another bonus is that the sheets are so so soft, they are meant for being slept in, so I know my baby will be comfortable.

Here's how it turned out. I used Dana's tutorial without any of my own alterations, and it worked great! I am so proud. :) Thanks Dana for a simple tutorial for a beginner sewer like me.

randoms 5.1.11 353

I also made a "mobile" for above the crib...more on this later.

randoms 5.1.11 381

and this light fixture...more on this to come as well.

randoms 5.1.11 380

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