Tri Tip with Lemon Pepper Brussels

We had a delicious and healthy meal last week thanks to Jeff's grilling skills and Pinterest. :)

Jeff and I have actually been trying to change our eating habits (like a lot) by excluding simple carbs (Jeff excludes all carbs), sweets, and dairy (except I get a pregnancy allowance of dairy).  We have been at this healthy eating for about 2 months now and it can be so difficult at times to come up with meal ideas, especially when all I know how to cook are pastas and rice dishes!  A meal just doesn't seem complete without bread, or pasta, or rice, but this meal left us satisfied and wanting nothing.  And that's saying a lot for a girl who had her first brussels sprout in her late 20s. 

I first saw this recipe on Pinterest for Lemon Parmesan Brussels Sprouts from Sugar and Grace.  I thought it looked delicious, but sadly I did not have any Parmesan (not to mention, its not on the no dairy diet) or actual garlic cloves.  So I tweaked the recipe a little by adding garlic salt and some dried garlic cloves,  I also added lemon pepper instead of regular pepper to give it a little kick. 

I thought they turned out great.  I even got Wesley to eat one. only one.

Jeff grilled up some Tri Tip using a dry rub to season it.  To find out how Jeff makes the perfect trip tip go HERE.

I added a little strawberry salad (aka, strawberries cut up), and dinner was served.

Now its your turn to share your favorite healthy meal with me!

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  1. Jess, if you wan to eat this way you can check out some Paleo blogs for recipe ideas. Sounds like you are pretty much eating paleo except are you eating things like quinoa or legumes? Paleo diet does not include those things but either way they have such great recipes. Message me if you want some more info. So glad you back to blogging - Julie