Bathroom Project part 4: Drywall, lighting, and tile!

Our new Master bathroom is moving along!  Jeff started tiling last week, which is really exciting!!!  This week he plans to start and finish tiling the shower and then its all finishing touches after that!

Below is a picture of the shower, but notice the drywall on the ceiling with two recessed lights he installed for the shower.   

This next picture shows the electrical for the light fixture we'll install over the vanity.
(note, this is a small bathroom, but the angle of these pictures make it look even smaller!)

In this picture, you can see the fan and a cabinet Jeff installed in the wall between the studs. We found the cabinet at Ikea in the "as in" department.  It was the perfect size for our in-wall storge solution.


And tile!!!  Tile is the most exciting step for me.  Its when the bathroom really starts to take shape.  Jeff laid the floor tile last week.  They are 12 x 24 in dark gray tiles from Lowes. 

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