A Little Bling for the Deck and How to Make the Perfect Tri-Tip

Meet Jeff's new girl...I mean grill.
But seriously, he is in love with his new grill.
He wont even use it though because he doesn't want to ruin the shiny newness.
Jeff got a great deal on this grill because it was the floor model. He has wanted a new grill for so long and he is in Heaven. 

To celebrate his new purchase, I want to share with you Jeff's recipe for the perfect tri-tip steak.  He makes a seriously good steak and if you've had it, you know. 

after you bring your trip-tip steak home....
1.pat it dry with paper towels
2. Create a spice rub
Jeff uses: Montreal Steak Seasoning with garlic and onion powder
3. Rub your rub on the steak
4. Throw it on a hot grill on high heat
5. Sear each side on high heat until the rub blackens
6. Turn heat to low
7. Cook until medium rare.  Don't be afraid of the pink!
8. Remove from grill to a cutting board
9. Let rest for 10 minutes
10. Slice (an electric knife helps!) and serve
11. Enjoy!

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