A boy and his dog

Don't they just look like best buds?!  Wesley love love loves Nukie and talks about him all the time.  When ever we're out and about and say, "Time to go home."  Wesley promptly responds with, "See Nukie?"  Wesley loves his dog.  And Nukie, well...Nukie pretty much hates Wesley.

Wes at 22 months with Nukie
Ok, that was harsh, I think Nukie has more of a love-hate or hate-love relationship with Wesley.  Nukie has been jealous since day one and two years later is still incredibly jealous of the attention Wesley gets.  He growls whenever Wesley comes close to him or when Wesley is running around the living room and Nukie is trying to sleep.  But I see that he does love him as well.   Nukie is generally a protector and its no different with Wesley.  He runs to him when he cries and takes his naps in the same room as Wesley.  Nukie also knows that Wesley will give him his food and they are way to in cahoots in that regard. 

Wesley testing how close he can get
Nukie has also never snapped at or really even barked at Wesley.  Even now when Wesley hits him in the face or grabs his tail, Nukie will give a mean growl, but never more.  We call him an old man because he just seems so grumpy around Wesley.  But like many old men, there is a soft heart underneath all that roughness.

Wes at 11 months with Nukie
Nukie is seriously a crazy dog and at times I want to get rid of him.  Don't judge me! You might too after the 6th set of window blinds he's ruined.  Or after the 3rd window screen he's ripped up trying to get in the house. But then I see my little Wesley light up when he sees his doggy and I know I'm stuck with this dang dog forever.

Dad making sure Nukie doesn't eat Wesley


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