Master Bathroom Part 3: plumbing and shower prep

The master bathroom is moving along quite quickly these days.  Jeff finished the plumbing a few weekends back and moved right along to installing the shower base and cement board.  He is actually a bit further ahead then the pictures show and has finished the electrical and drywall as well.  Hopefully, we'll take some pictures soon.

Here are some pictures of the plumbing.  The plumbing was the most difficult task for Jeff and the one most unfamiliar to him.  He studied YouTube videos and plumbing books and had a little experience with his work.  He ended up getting some help from some friends who fit easier in our small crawl space, but he walked them through the process.  We are both pretty proud that Jeff was able to complete the plumbing without hiring outside help.  He is one handy guy.

Below is the plumbing for the shower fixture.

Below you can see the hot and cold pipes to the right where the vanity will sit.  On the left, you can see the toilet flange where the toilet will sit.  It will be a pretty tight space.

This is a rear view of the same area.

The next few pictures show the shower base by TileRedi that Jeff installed as well as the niche and cement board for the shower.  The TileRedi base allows us to tile the base of the shower without having to build the base from scratch.  Our shower will be 54x30 inches and takes up the whole wall where you see the window.

Here is the niche that will be in the short wall opposite the fixtures. 

A view of the shower base from the outside.  You install it by setting it in a layer of concrete.

Cement board up:

To see more of the bathroom project:


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