Building a Master Bathroom part 1

So Jeff has been busy building a master bathroom!  Our tiny house has one small bathroom that just isn't cutting it.  We had been wanting to add a second bathroom since we moved in, but could quite figure out where to place it.  Then Jeff had the brilliant idea of replacing the walk-in master closet with a bathroom.  It sounds crazy at first, but the closet was huge and not built very well.  We had constant mold issues because the framing was built directly on the ground.  The closet addition also covered up the only window in Wesley's room, so that was an issue as well.  So the new bathroom will be a little smaller than the previous closet so that Wesley can have a window, and it will be built the right way (at least we hope).

Jeff is planning to do everything on his own including the plumbing and electrical (with the help of a few friends that can fit under the house). He is currently in the plumbing stage after demolition, foundation building, and framing.  Once the plumbing is complete, it will really start to take shape.

Here is what it looks like right now.


This is what it looked like outside before the demolition took place:

The whole area behind this wall was our master closet.  What are doing for a closet now?  Welp, Jeff already took care of that.  I'll post about our new closet soon.    

And here ia a digital mock up of the general layout for the bathroom.  It will be tight, but I think it fits with the size of our house. And a small bathroom is better than no bathroom, right?

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