Mixing Silver and Gold??

So I have been working on updating our bedroom...
{See our nightstands here, our old/new trunk here, and our new rug here}

Add I have several more projects to do, but have been thinking about accessorizing, because that is way more fun than some of the other projects still lurking.  I have been digging gold as an accessory color.  I feel like gold gives off a vintage vibe, and I like that.  The problem is, that I already have so many silver finishes in the room and I'm not so sure about mixing finishes.  So I started searching the web for inspiration, and I think I'm gonna go for it. The verdict out there is that matching metals is as about as current as matching your purse to your shoes.  Here are some photos that grabbed my attention.


Pinned Image


Now I'm off to putting that old can of gold spray paint to use :)


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