Yummy Salmon dinner

Last week Jeff went on a "once in a lifetime fishing trip."  He accompanied a coworker to Canada and spent the week fishing for Salmon.  This is Jeff's idea of Heaven.  Luckily for me he brought back over 40 pounds of fresh Salmon, and he's pretty good at cooking it for me too.
Here are just a couple pictures from his trip.
And here are some pictures of our super yummy dinner:
The filet of salmon was the thickest I had ever seen!
Jeff marinated the steak in a mixture of terryaki sauce and syrup (like the kind for pancakes) for about an hour.
Then he pan fired them on the stove.
He layed them over a bed of rice and add some roasted green beans (in the oven at 425 for 20-30 mins).
It was the best salmon (or any fish for that matter) that I had ever had.  It was cook perfectly and didn't have a hint of fishiness.  I can't wait for Jeff's next salmon creation!!!

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  1. I can't wait either!!! Let me know what we can bring ;)