Wesley's New "Bed"

Its no secret here that our sweet little Wesley is a horrible sleeper and so we have resorted to co-sleeping, or this little thing I call "sleeping with your kid" (why do we have to name everything). In some ways I actually really enjoy it...you can read more about that HERE.
Anyway, we want him eventually to be in his own bed in his own room, so we started a transition plan. We brought his mattress into our room and put it next to our bed.  Now Wesley has his own bed and is getting used to sleeping by himself.  He actually loves his "big boy bed" and will go lay down all by himself...for like 2 seconds before he is up and moving again refusing to sleep. haha. He will actually stay there if we lay down with him, which we do until he falls alseep. Sometime in the night, he always ends up back in our bed, but its a start. Bonus is that his mattress slides right under our bed, and his "safety pillows" and blankets fit nicely in our new trunk! So our bedroom doesnt have to look like a kids bedroom all the time.


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