Wesley is 3 months!

Wow, I cant believe he is so big already.  What does Wesley do?  He smiles and laughs, eats his hands constantly, likes to kick and play with some toys, and will tolerate tummy time.  He has a strong neck but not interested in rolling over.  He's looking cuter and cuter every day.  Its not just me right?

I mean look at those cheeks!
IMG_9964 IMG_9956 IMG_9953 IMG_9952 IMG_9949 IMG_9917 IMG_9914 IMG_9913 IMG_9926 IMG_9928 IMG_9931


  1. Definitely not just you. He better watch out, because I'm going to be a cheek-pinching aunt!

  2. He looks perfect, and delicious! 3 months already!! Have fun, fun, fun...and try to sleep as well. It goes freaky fast. My baby is 2.5 and potty training. Miss you all! "Auntie" Lib

  3. Oh my gosh Jessika he is sooooo stinkin cute! And yes it flies by so fast! I cant believe Trenton is already almost a year and a half! By the way he got all the Ahlberg genes! I cant wait to meet the little guy I hope the family gets together soon!!