It's time.

...Time to address the decor in our living room.  What we have was haphazardly done as we rushed to "finish" our house in time for our house warming party way back in June..2010.  I never meant for the decor to be permanent, I just never got the energy to make it what I envisioned, partly because I'm not sure what I envision. 
Here is our living room now...
Well actually, this is our living room pre-baby. Now it's sprinkled with baby paraphrenillia, but the walls and shelves are still the same.
One of my biggest dislikes is the "art work" behind the couch.  It was great for a quick solution to a big blank wall (some yardage wrapped around a thin pice of wood), but again, it wasnt suppose to be permanent.  I'm also not a fan of the built-ins in the corner.  I like the built-ins themselves, just not how they are decorated. 
Oh, and that empty white frame back there? Yeah, its still empty.
I also need to address the book case underneath our tv.  I am not the most skilled at arranging details. 

One of the main reasons why I haven't changed anything is a lack of inspiration.

In peeking around the net today I think I found some, at least for what to do behind the couch.

I bet I could get Jeff to make me some graphic shelves like these!
I like the idea of brining more texture into the livingroom.
And I'm loving this wallpaper.
Living Room
Or should we try stenciling the wall?

Decisions, decisions.

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