A Vertical Garden

About a year ago, Jeff and I stayed at the Pearl Hotel in Point Loma, CA.  Its a boutique hotel decorated in a vintage fashion.

We love the mid-century modern decor and were inspired by a lovely and impressive vertical garden in their pool area.

Pretty cool, huh.  Well this inspired Jeff to make his own vertical garden.  After spending quite a bit of time researching how to make one online, Jeff found that the only good help out their involved buying a kit and waiting a long time for the plants to take root before you could hang it up.  Being the frugal and impatient man that he is, Jeff discovered another solution.

He made this vertical garden using plywood and rain gutters, that's right, rain gutters. IMG_9848Although its not as impressive as the one at the Pearl and others we have seen online, we still like it. The hope is that the plants will continue to grow full and hang over the gutters so that all you see is a wall of plants.  We're not sure if that will work, but we think it looks good as is too. IMG_9847 We found the perfect spot along the big blank wall in the front of our house. IMG_9849 IMG_9850 Pic 1, Pic 2

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