We're Back!

This summer was a nice break from blogging and gave me extra time to spend with my family and work on some projects around the house.  I am excited to be back and want to share with you a sneak peek of the 3rd and final party i threw this summer.  My parents celebrated their 35th anniversary today and my brothers and I threw them a big party over the weekend.  It was a beautiful event for my parents who are always doing something for other people.   I had so much fun working on the details for this party and can't wait to share with you.
In other news, Wesley turned 15 months old today! Whoa, where does the time go?  My little toddler is climbing on everything, talking up a storm, throwing impressive mini-tantrums, and loves to read.  The cutest thing he does is when we ask him to say something (he'll try to repeat almost anything) and if he can't say it right, he giggles at himself afterward.  I love it.
He is such a big boy!

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