Blogging Break

I never mentioned it, but I went on a blogging break this summer.   I love blogging, but as a full-time working mom, it takes up a lot of time.  This summer has been crazy busy.  We have been able to have a lot of fun on family vacations, but my work load has been extremely intense and I have filled my blogging time with catching up on work time. I also have some personal (professional) things going on right now that need my attention, plus Jeff and I continue to create and build and party.  All that to say, I will be back and lots of projects are in the works, but its gonna take me a little more time to get back in the swing of thingas.  So stick with me and enjoy this music video my family made on our last vacation:

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  1. that video was seriously awesome ! can't wait to see more blog posts & catch up with you guys