Our New Bar

Jeff may or may not have turned our backyard into the perfect party house with the installation of our new bar.  It may have been covered with soda bottles, but the party was raging.  He had this great idea that came out of no where and he pulled it off the weekend before Wesley's party.  I don't have a full tutorial for you, but basically...

He built a frame...attached it to the studs in the wall...added the top (a 2 x 8)...sanded and covered in spar urethane (repeated 3 times)...and added extra support using shelving brackets from Ikea.
Here's what it looked like for Wesley's party...and a sneak at some of the party decor. (Hope to post pics soon!) UPDATE: See pics HERE

Here's some pictures of the progression.

And just for fun, this picture of Wesley with the dirtiest face.  He is becoming such a little boy and is so dirty everyday from playing outside.  This day he was extra dirty, so i had to snap a pic :)

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