My Mommy Diary: Stage 5 Clinger

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Ok people, I have a situation here.  My precious little boy has turned into a stage five clinger.  The picture above depicts what I see ALL  DAY   LONG!!! If I leave his sight for one second my usually happy happy boy turns into a whiny screaming clinger.  What the heck happened?  Seriously, all the sudden he completely changed!  I guess they call this the separation anxiety stage.  How long will it last?  Don't get me wrong...I actually have a love-hate relationship with his clinginess.  I love that he wants me and wants me to hold him or cuddle with him.  But how do you get anything done all day carrying a 28 pound baby boy everywhere?  And poor poor Jeff, he is no substitute for mommy.  So experienced moms out there, anyone else have an all-the-sudden-stage-five-clinger?  How did you respond to his clinginess?  How long did it last?  Any tips?

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  1. Jes: he may be coming up on a big milestone... Carter seems to regress in some way before he hits every big milestone (rolling over, crawling, walking, climbing, talking, etc)... Or maybe he's responding to some kind of change at home..? Carter has become clingy (which he had NEVER been before) since we started preparing things in the house for Peyton & as I've become less active in playing w/ him... I'm hoping it'll get better once she's born, but who knows?!... Motherhood-- it ain't for the weak! You're doing a great job & he is a doll! :)