More front patio

This is how it looks today. My favorite part is the planter in the back. Jeff used old cinder blocks that he found in the backyard to build the planter, then topped it with some reclaimed 2x10s which he stained to match the fence. The cinder blocks were dirty and got stained when previous owner stained the back fence so consequently they look kinda cool. A few people have asked us what kind of tile we used. :)  This project is a perfect example of how thrifty Jeff is and how we are able to do so much on such a modest budget.  The chairs in the picture were hand-me-downs from Jeff's parents.  They originally were a forest green color, but Jeff spray painted them this nice steal gray to match the house. We still need to spruce up the wall to the right and maybe add some more potted plants, but its looking way better than it did before. See the in progress details here.

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