Chalk it up

The chalkboard. Once a classroom staple, has made its way out of schools and into the home. Seriously, show me a chalkboard that's still in a classroom, seems like all schools are using whiteboards now...such a shame. But look online at home decor and you'll find design inspiration chalk full of chalkboards :) They are showing up in all areas of the home including nurseries and kitchens. You will find entire walls painted with chalkboard paint, or just small details. I even found tons of chalkboards showing up in wedding decor and pictures.

So, I can't lie, I'm jumping on the trendy chalkboard bandwagon too. I decided to use it in our nursery so we can write little messages to the Wesley baby. I really didn't want to paint again...remember the stripes? I was kinda burnt out of painting, so lucky for me, my mom found me some chalkboard contact paper. yay! Where o where did you find this mother? She told me but I can't remember.

So with my chalkboard contact paper in hand and several small green frames that I wasn't sure what to do with, I created this "chalkboard wall."

This is a really bad picture, but you get the gist, right?
The chalkboard frames are the first thing you see when you walk into the room. The perfect place for a little note. (Just need to buy some chalk now).

But I still had some chalkboard contact paper left and a few boxes that needed a makeover. My friend and neighbor gave me these cute boxes that just didn't match the nursery theme. I was planning on painting them (but you know how I feel about painting), then I got the brilliant idea to cover them with the chalkboard contact paper. This is how it went down...

This is what I started with. I was able to just pop off the little star.

Then I just started wrapping until all the sides were covered.

And this is how it turned out. Not perfect, but the lid will hide the imperfections. It was so much easier than painting.

Now I just need to decorate them in chalk!

chalkboard1, chalkboard2, chalkboard3, chalkboard4, chalkboard5

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