New Step

"I'm gonna do something we should have done a long time ago," says Jeff after he just finished mowing the lawns. "Uh, oh," I think to myself wondering what Jeff is about to demolish. Turns out, I had nothing to worry about. He fixed an annoying problem we had with our entry way. When we built or fence, we put the gate right in front of an area where there was no cement. Actually, there was no grass either, just the remains of...an old planter??? I don't know. But our solution was to fill it with river rocks, which kind of worked..until it rained or you tried to push a stroller over it. It also confused people trying to get into our house, except we never did outsmart those dang solicitors. But now, there will be no confusion, no stuck stroller wheels, and no rain puddles of mud.

 The Problem: IMG_7293 IMG_7294

The Solution: IMG_7297
And it even has little Wesley's hand print in it...awe. IMG_7302

 It only took Jeff a couple hours to complete this project...he's right, he should have done it a long time ago. :)

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